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Thread: How To Use IR between Handphone and Laptop ?

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    Default How To Use IR between Handphone and Laptop ?

    Hie Guys,

    I just bought a Sony Ericsson k500i, and I tried transferring pictures to my laptop using IR. I placed the hp with IR on near the laptop, and the laptop detects it. XP prompts me to install a driver, it searches the net and installed a cellular phone modem driver. The laptop detects the hardware.

    So I selected Send Via InFra on my K500i, and it connects to the laptop... but it just keeps connecting, nothing happens.

    How do I send and receive files via IR between Laptop and Handphone ? I want to send some MP3s to the phone as well.

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    For Nokia, there's the data suite, check if your K500i came with any s/w?

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    no software man... shucks

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    for sony no need software, that's the beauty of it

    i have no problem send files to and from my T630 with IR

    if u check the IR icon at the bottom right, is the connection still on?

    Try restart the phone and PC too


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