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Thread: need advice. how to take these type of pix?

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    Default need advice. how to take these type of pix?

    hello have couple of question about taking pix... i am using coolpix 5400 ...

    i want to take a pix of my friend with blur background. In order to do that, i need to set the A to big right ? so i set it to f2.8 and zoom in as close as possible...if i zoom in too close to my friend, i will loss many backgroud object. How can i overcome this problem? plant or insect are easier as they are small. basically use macro can get the effect.

    Also if i want to take a nite scenery with human in front. what is the best camera setting so that i can see both human and background clear and bright? i know i can set the shutter speed to lower (1 -2 secs) but it will blur the human object coz he/she will not able to avoid any movement for a short period of time.


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    To capture more background object, set your aperture smaller, maybe f/8, to increase the depth of field.

    For the night scene, you can increase your sensor sensitivity by upping the ISO number (though you will have to live with the noise), and also using your widest aperture to capture more light.
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    mount the camera to a tripod and use timer mode. Use wide angle and set low ISO and small aperture like f4 to f8 and check the speed is not slower than 2 to 3 sec. Flash on.

    Keep the camera close to the group (not too close but can see human and background) against the background. While taking, ask the group to keep still for a few seconds.
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