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Thread: One light free lesson outing at Esplanade Basement 24th March 3pm to 5pm

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    Default One light free lesson outing at Esplanade Basement 24th March 3pm to 5pm

    One light lesson outing at Esplanade Basement 24th March Saturday 3pm to 5pm

    This outing will give ideas to people of using one off-camera flash with or without umbrella, strobist style.

    I will be explaining how modification of light affects the moods and emotions of the photos.

    The location is the basement area which leads to the Esplanade. This is directly below the junction of Nicoll Highway, Raffles Ave and Esplanade Drive. This is where skateboarders and dancers practise their moves.
    We will be at this location for the whole duration.

    Date : 24th March 2012 Saturday
    Time : 3pm to 5pm ( 1 hour demo, 1 hour questions )
    Name : Francis
    Contact: 90070503 ( No need to call or sms during 3pm to 5pm ) just come as I won't be able to pick up calls

    Equipment to bring:
    Just yourself is fine.
    This is just the first lesson on lighting for this year.

    This is a free outing.
    Everyone is welcome.
    No need to have lists or confirm who is coming.
    No need to register, no need to ask permission.
    No need to pm me your number or details.
    I seldom check the forums.
    Hopefully, these lessons will help you in your hobby and win contests like the the canon Photomarathon.

    I will announcing some of my teaching arrangements for this year.
    If response is good, I will conduct more of these.

    Cheers :>

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    Default Re: One light free lesson outing at Esplanade Basement 24th March 3pm to 5pm

    Too bad i have prior commitment to something this Sat.
    Catch up w u soon, Guru~

    I strongly recommend Palangsi's workshop & sharing sessions.
    was great experience for the 1month prior to 2011 Canon Photomarathon, he conducted weekly sharing sessions.
    which does helps.
    Don't Snap like a child, Don't shoot like a tourist !

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    Thanks for coming guys, I will be doing a lesson on outdoor location lighting in two weeks time on a sunday morning. Details on that later.

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