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    Traveling by bus from Kunming to YuanYang tomorrow. It a last minute decision so no preparation work done. Any kind soul here can recommend me accommodation in YuanYang which is easily accessible to the rice terraces?
    After YuanYang I plan to visit Jianshui too. Any suggestion? Thank

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    YuanYang is huge. It's recommended that you stay in the scenic areas, not in the new or old towns. Weather can be unpredictable. Stay at “多依树” if you want to catch sunrises. And “老虎嘴” for sunsets. Fog might destroy all hopes of getting a good photo. But most people are nice and friendly there, enjoy yourself.
    ”多依树云海客栈“ is great. Its near the viewing gallery, ”观景台“

    Jianshui is old and funky, take your time to explore the narrow streets. Also do not miss the 气锅鸡“ at “香满楼” in the old town.

    Enjoy yourself and hope you see this before you set off to YuanYang.

    Do share your experiences when you return.
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    Yun Ti Hotel in Yuan Yang. About 30-45 mins to scenic spots (rice terrace).

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    Thanks guys. I stayed in Jacky's guesthouse in ”多依树". 10 minutes to the sunrise viewing gallery. Rooms are clean but cost 160rmb per night. Stayed 4 nights and now in Jianshui old town. Room here cost 100rmb per night.


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