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Thread: Stars in Singapore

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    Sivakis: cool shots!..
    a lot of star visible there.. my eyes didn't even see that much

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinned79 View Post
    that reminds me of my Alishan trip last year... the stars are amazing up there!
    oh yeah... now you remind me why I pick up a DSLR. When I first saw the stars in Alishan at 2am, it was incredible! Hopefully I can revisit the same feelings again in Nepal later this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratsock
    Anyone got some good suggestions for where in Singapore you can take starfield pictures? Most of the island has too much light pollution from the city to see any stars.
    Try pulau hantu. I read somewhere that there has some of te best star gazing spots in Singapore
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    Try shopping with my wife and paying......
    I see lots of stars everytime !!!!!!

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