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Thread: Sandisk Photo Album

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    Default Sandisk Photo Album

    Hi guys,

    Want to find out if anyone has used THIS PRODUCT before. What is the output quality like on TV and what is it's power source when connected to the TV and is it USB 2.0?

    Could not get answers from Vector Magnetics.


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    and what is its price?

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    oops, mistook it for those kind of portable storage.

    not that useful eh? the videos and photos that can be played on a digital camera can directly link to the tv using a video cable and dun need this player. one of the advantages of this player is that it can play mp3s, but it only supports mp3s up to 32 Kbps (maybe a typo and should be 320kbps?) when most mp3s are at 96-196kbps.

    so, the only use of this device may be to play video presentations that the digital camera can't play, eg those highly edited ones.


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