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Thread: hokkaido (winter or spring?)

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    Hi there.

    Since there are many frequent travelers here. Got a coupe of questions to ask for a trip.

    I'm planning on going to hokkaido, preferbably between jan to feb next year. Understand it will still be covered with snow.

    Besides skiing which I wanna go, are there any other actii can do during the winter periods? And are the national parks open? How's the scenery?

    Would like spring time be a better choice? (My main priority is skiing)

    What's the cheapest way to travel to hokkaido from toyko or osaka? Jal and ana flights are ex. Any cheaper 1s?

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    In Winter.

    - Attend the annual snow fest in Sapporo in Feb
    - Soak in onsen while its snowing at Sounkyu, Mt. Taisetsu-zan National park
    - Visit Asashikawa zoo and their penguin on parade?
    - Romantic Otaru, very laid back nostalgic place ....
    - Visit the Crane reserve in Kushiro
    - Ice breaker cruise?

    In Spring
    - Cherry blossom in late April to mid May depending on weather conditions
    - Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park in mid Spring?

    In Summer
    - Furano for the colorful fields, lavender, tulips, pink moss and etc (check season)

    plenty more things to do on different seasons.
    Cheapest way there? fly to Beijing and taking a flight on China Airline there?
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