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Thread: Canon vs Nikon

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    I know this is an ongoing battle (kinda like Intel vs AMD), with all the new models and specs announced who has the upper hand or the slight edge? I have a D300 and cheap lenses and before I go for my Full Frame body + Pro lenses, I want to make an informed choice. So who has better lenses? Who has better new Full Frame body? (D4 vs 5DM3 or D4 vs 1DX) Thanks in advance

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    Duh.. Canon have a better full frame than the Nikon.
    In this link, its clearly reviewed that the Canon 5D Mark III beats the Nikon D4 on high ISO performance. and another thing is that Canon had made the right move by keep the MP at 22 for the 5D Mark III.
    Many pros commenting that the new Nikon D800 is an overkill. Nobody want to shot at that ridiculous 36MP. Imagine the file size when you shot RAW could be easily reach up to 30-40 MB. Another thing is that the D800 comes with the E and the non E version. Quite frustrating.
    Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D4 at high ISO: which is better? - Cleveland Photography |

    And if you comparing the 5D Mk III with the 1DX, definitely the 1DX is much better. The high ISO capability are few stops higher than the 5D Mark III and any Nikon Bodies currently up till date.
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    Default Re: Canon vs Nikon

    This thread title will only invite brand war,

    nobody can give you unbiased views of which brand is better.

    This thread closed.
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