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Thread: We have just lost 2 exceptional teachers ...

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    My intern, previously from Pierce Sec Sch just told me about her teacher. So deepest condolences to their family .......
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    rest in peace.

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    my deepest condolences to all who are affected by this most unfortunate incident.

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    No wonder sounds and looks so familiar

    He has been helping out in the leadership training camps since 2002

    Left : He was at the 10m platform the whole afternoon, was coaching and giving encouragement to my juniors to perform confident jump.
    Right : And he declare the camp fire night open in 2002
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    In Memoriam: Mr John Lim

    Memoriam page for Mr John Lim at the homepage of NYJC.

    May he rest in peace.
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    So sad

    I met my client to hand over their wedding album last nite. While they were looking thru the photos, they saw the photo of their friend (the lady teacher) with them. They were sad and miss her.

    My deepest condolences.
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