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Thread: Which Handphone to Buy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcwang
    How to use the keypad in the SX1 man ????
    Yeah man... :S

    Not into all those high-tech stuff. I still prefer to use a laptop to do all my documents and surfing. I need a handphone that is hardy, easy to use, something that I can make good quality calls and sms.


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    i have gone through phones with 1.3mp, GPRS, MMC cards, polyphonic, 64k colour screens, clamshells, smartphones, etc... am back with my 8310!!

    which ever phone you get, just don't get those "free" ones when you sign a 2-yr plan... 6mths later, you're going to regret signing for such a phone...

    pay a little more and get something you would really like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmmrsia
    I think the SX1 is the value for money at $238. Radio, Vga Cam, MP3, Organizer, mmc memory card expandable. symbian os whic means also that you can install softwares like small office and others your memory card i think is your limit... It is not just a phone it's a pocket PC!

    Here is for your specs
    Get this, jamed packed with features, Radio, mp3, camera, organiser, etc, etc. But recently lost my SX1(Silver version) , but bought back the same phone, happy with it, can get use to the keypad pretty fast one la .

    *can see if starhub still sellin the Mclaren version or not. got mine 2 mths ago.

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    Anyone can advise me on nokia7260? seems like a pretty low profile phone. I'm considering to get either that or samsung 600c.

    Currently using nokia6100 but it has gone abit faulty after a few falls...
    miss my nokia 3210, it survived so many falls.....

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