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    Hey all I am new to this forum. Previously I was using a SLR for all my photographing needs. But now I wanna upgrade to digital camera for my university work. To be honest with all, I am thinking of the Nikon Coolpix 4100.

    According to the specs, it's a 4 MegaPixel camera and was wondering if anyone has used this model before and I would appreciate any comments on this model.

    Forgive me for asking, if the Nikon 4100 is using a SD card(I am sure it is), can I bring my SD card to any photo developer to have it developed into photo prints like what I did with my SLR? I am really new at these.

    Also what software do I need to view my photoshots?

    Cheers and I apologize for all these trival questions.

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    for best results:

    1. use a properly calibrated monitor for the computer to view the digital images

    2. have to learn about digital photography stuff (eg noise, sharpening, curves, RAW..) and how it corresponds to all your prior film knowledge

    3. have to learn to post-processing workflow

    suggest u go to there are alot of useful info there..

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    Nikon Coolpix use standard AA battery and SD memory card, these are easy to find. However, 4100 do not have manual exposure mode, some may not like it.
    And yes, u can bring yr SD cards to most develop and print shops to print your photos. Kodak even put the self print machines in some shopping centres, eg Suntec, where u just slop in the memory card and pay with your cashcard, then the machine will print out the photos for u on the spot.

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    I understand that the CoolPix 4100 doesn't have the manual exposure mode, but my Nikon SLR can take care of that.

    My intention of getting the Nikon 4100 is to start with an entry level digital camera and learn more about digital photography before upgrading to a better model.

    IN the mean time, thanks to all who answered my queries, CHEeRS!!!!


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