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Thread: Where to shop for a skateboard?

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    Default Where to shop for a skateboard?

    Any kind advise to the above?
    and what is the price range like?

    Thank you..

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    Default Re: Where to shop for a skateboard?

    @ a skateboard shop.

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    Default Re: Where to shop for a skateboard?

    longboard or skateboard ?

    for skateboards there are alot depending on where you staying..... i used one in queenstown and another at redhill .... just google it

    for longboards i currently buy from Longboard Love ..... google it ..... they carry quite a few good lines includidng Rayne, Landyachtz etc etc ....... Spitfire Skateboard (google it) at Peninsula plaza also carry a good selection mostly Loaded and a couple of other brands

    if u starting... i suggest you buy 2nd hand and try out first before committing to a new one


    Riptide Skate at east coast area is new and not too bad too
    RipTide Sports, Longboards, Parts, Accessories, How To Information
    great sport

    go to Love Skate Park website for lots of info and 2nd hand equipt

    lastly go FB and search for Singapore Speed Movement ...... tons of trading action there for longboards
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    Default Re: Where to shop for a skateboard?

    there's spitfire skateshop and interstate skateshop @Peninsula
    couple of skateshops (Go sports, Boards N Stuffs & Gossip*) around Cineleisure & Scape area.

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    Spitfire skate at peninsula shopping centre. 2nd floor. Very close to sg camera store. Mostly for skateboards but i remember they do carry longboards too.

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    Default Re: Where to shop for a skateboard?

    Thamk you for all the kind advise.

    Forget to mention that I am planning to get it fo rmy 8 year old son and bnot sure which type is best for his age?


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    There are sizes available for the deck. U can check with the shopkeeper. Wheel size also depends on what type of skating he is doing. Protective gears are also available there.


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