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Thread: D3s/D3x vs D4/D800

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    Default D3s/D3x vs D4/D800

    Sometimes I really wonder how many D3x did nikon sell?

    The previous generation, some marketing "genius" in nikon probably thought the more MP the more expensive the camera.

    Thus D3x, the high MP nikon camera, was priced much more expensive than the D3s which focuses on high ISO.

    One generation later, the tables are totally turned. Nikon gave their highest MP sensor to D800 while giving the high ISO sensor to the more expensive D4.

    I think the marketing folks need to be fired in nikon

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    Default Re: D3s/D3x vs D4/D800

    maybe nikon thinks that wedding/events/press photographers are now richer than landscape/portrait photographers.....


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