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Thread: Switch to Monotone or do post processing?

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    Default Switch to Monotone or do post processing?

    If I want to take black and white photos, should I switch to monotone on the camera or I can simply shoot in colours and then later convert to B&W easily? Is there any difference other than taking the extra trouble to convert?

    As for switching to monotone, do you all still do post processing like changing the colour settings, i.e. channel swap, curve, level, satuation etc?

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    Default Re: Switch to Monotone or do post processing?

    Doing it in post-processing allows you greater control. As usual?

    Monotone in-camera is simply based on luminance in most cases.. For some cases you havea bit more control, but definitely not as much as a good proper conversion in Photoshop... And there are so many ways.

    There is no saturation in monotone, not sure what you are talking about. Of course, curves, levels, etc still apply, but it's all a very different ballgame if you ask me.


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