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Thread: Help on trip on Cambodia

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    Talking Help on trip on Cambodia

    Hi clubsnappers I would need some advice on what currency would I need to exchange to go to cambodia is it usd or their Cambodian money Riel? And it would help if you could give me some advice too thanks! Please reply to this thread or pm me thanks!

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    Hi Sam,

    It's best that you stick to US dollars in Cambodia, it's accepted by everyone and every shops here.
    Advice wise, don't wander around in dark places during night time, apart from that the place is pretty safe.
    I am assuming you're going to Phnom Penh?

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    noting to do with Articles and Guides
    thread move to appropriate section.
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    Hi picture priority : I am not going to phnom penh I am going to siem reap thou but how bout the exchange rate there is it high if I pay in usd? And if I buy Sth there wif usd will the store owner pay me back in Riel or usd? And is it possible that you could SMS me at 92222037 or pm me also ? Thanks!

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    Hi Samsam. The last time I was there, the local 'exchange rate' was USD 1 = 4000 Riel. So 2000 Riel is 50 cents. Just do your exchanges to USD but make sure you have smaller denominations eg; USD 5, USD 10.

    And yes, the shop owner will return your balance in USD AND Riel
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    Oh...I see ok thank is there any advice or tips you can give me on my trip there ? As it is my first time going there. Thanks!

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    Just bring lots of small USD notes. Exchange rate is around 4000 Riel to 1 usd.

    * Drink only bottled water...
    * Have something to cover your mouth and nose from the dust on the road...
    * Buy the 3 day pass to Angkor Wat and SLOOOOWLY take your time there...
    * Be nice to the locals and try the fried spider at the Old Market (cheaper than at the Bus Stop between cities)
    * Streets food are 'cheap' and good... unless you have a weak stomach.
    * Everything is in USD if you are a Tourist... its $1 USD for drinks, $1 USD for a bowl of beef beehoon. So... have lots of small notes.
    * Its quite safe at SiamReap... but still, avoid dark alley and motorbikes rider on the street side promising 'Lady, Girls, Boys'...

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    Well it's the same in Siem Riap and Phnom Penh, US dollars is widely accepted.
    They will give you change in US dollars most of the time (unless your change is in cents, which will be converted to Riel as they don't have coins currency)
    So if your change is 15 dollars you will get it all in US$ most of the time.

    If your change is 50 cents you'll get it in Riel, which is 2000 riel.
    It's generally safe in Siam Riap, much more than Phnom Penh I would say.

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