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    Hi everyone, for my olympus 12mm, shd I get a step up ring thread size of 46mm to 52mm to the 52mm adapter ring and use a ND square filter or buy a step up ring to a B+W ND filter but the smaller size is 58mm from tkfoto .. cant find an answer to it ..
    If the photo i took is 1% unclear, I will rather delete ..

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    i am using a 46mm Hoya ND and CPL filter. I think that will be more convenient than stepping up just to use a B+W filter.

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    B+W actually makes 46mm ND filter although I doubt local shops will want to carry this size.
    b w nd 46mm

    I would seriously consider using a step-up ring and use 52mm filters as it is a much more common thread size.


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