Hi all,

Need some help.

Got a motorised backdrop system from a fellow CS'er at a very good price but having problems getting someone reliable + affordable to install the system for me. It's the 2 tier type that can hold 8 backdrops at once.


1. It needs to be ceiling mounted in a HDB unit using L-brackets via anchor bolts or some other super strong bolts to hold the weight.

2. Need to run the wiring for the controls also.

3. Also need help with transporting of a few 12-feet long mounting poles from the seller's place to my place and cut to the needed width to fit my room.

My regular contractor took one look at the system and declined to do it ... A photographer friend of mine recommended his contractor friend who came over to view but I was quoted over $500 for the installation.

If you know anyone who knows how to install this kind of system and affordably, kindly recommend to me.

I can be contacted at 9362 1186.

Need to set this up urgently.

Thanks all!