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Thread: MC-DC2 for Nikon D80

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    Default MC-DC2 for Nikon D80


    I am wondering whether I can use MC-DC2 for my D80, anyone tried it?
    I did not consider MC-DC1 because I am planning to upgrade to D7000 in the near future and I know that MC-DC2 can be used with D7000.

    I tried to search it on the Nikon website and Ebay and both give me different answers.

    Nikon website says it is not compatible with D80
    MC-DC2 Remote Release Cord (1 meter) from Nikon

    whereas some people in Ebay says it's compatible with D80
    nikon mc-dc2 d80 | eBay

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    Default Re: MC-DC2 for Nikon D80

    If you intend to upgrade and afraid tt the remote for your D80 wont work for u future D7000.
    Can try this. PHOTTIX® CLEON II - Wireless Remotes
    All u need to do when u switch cam buy the cable. im using it with my nikon and olympus.
    hope this helps. And it wireless


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