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Thread: Elements 3.0--slow or good?

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    Default Elements 3.0--any good?

    A few in dpreview complained that PSE 3.0 to be rather slow while others sang praises of this new version. As i am keen to get the combo bundle of PSE 3.0 and Premiere Elements, I would appreciate vm if you could share your experience and views on this new 3.0 version. Thx.
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    I'm interested to know too. In addition, wish to know whether Premiere Elements is recommended after you've used it.

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    Default Pse 3.0

    i'm still not sure if i want get Elements 3.0. I've been following the discussions on dpreview (under PCTools) and people are still suggesting the slow start up (i heard some took 60 secs for PSE3 to load) and one needs to go into the Win Xp preference to tweak it for improvements in PSE3 etc.
    I'll prob wait a month or 2 before looking at PSE3 again.
    OT: as for Premier Elememts--might just get the Edu. version next weekend.

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    Default Startup time

    I've been using Elements 3 for a few weeks and I have never notice the slow start up time. In fact I think it is faster than Elements 2 that I was using previously. On my computer, it takes less than 10 sec to go into the edit mode.
    I have never really use other photo editing program before, but I love the way Elements 3 integrate the Photoshop Album into Photopshop Elements. Also the built in raw convertor is pretty neat, at least it is easier to use than FVU and better quality than DPP.
    I am still reading up on how to make full use of Elements 3. But at least the SGD144 that I paid for is a fraction of the SGD1000++ that you have to pay for the Photoshop CS (I prefer original). So till I have the $$ for PSCS, I think Elements 3 is good enough for me now.

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    Thx Kelccm for your comments. This is indeed encouraging news. Like you I believe in using original and am using Elements 2.0 and still undecided about the upgrade to 3.0. The other thing is I hope that my system--a pc tablet on Centrino 1.5 with only 512 MB RAM is powerful enuf to run 3.0 should i go that way later.


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