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Thread: What to look out for in Studio Shoot

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    Default What to look out for in Studio Shoot

    my subjects will be from 13 all the way to 25 yrs old.

    am hoping to garner some tips from the old pros here willing to share their exxperiences.

    thank you all in advance!

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    hehe....before i start...i am no old pro...

    exp wise....when working with young ppl, interaction with them is very important....
    this is the age when they will feel very self conscious, for the younger ones shy, the 16-20 ones will be the most spontaneous, the 21-25 age group will probably feel that its a chore.... this is if these ppl u are shoot are not experienced in modeling...i.e ya everday ppl.... not really foolproof....depends on individuals really....

    clothes wise, dress them to their age is the best....if possible let them dress in their own clothes....they will feel more comfortable this way.....

    hmmm....dunno wat else also....the ppl i mostly work with are from 17-25 haha.....else its like under 3 years old....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Witness
    interaction with them is very important....cheers.....
    most important, being able talk to them about subjects that they are interested in will help them relax and open up.

    old but not a pro

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    Keep the lighting set up simple, and get the exposure right before asking the subject to step in.

    Once the subject step in the set, tell them what are you going to do, pose you subject, and keep talking to your subject while you click, this is the way make them relax and forget about the camera, and get the most natural shots, short session of 15mins to 20 mins is good, than ask you subject take a brake, change a setup or subject change a costume or whatever.

    There surely more things to take care than these, but this should be a good start for newbie.

    Hope this help.


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