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    Hi, I've a picture here which is overexposed. Can anyone teach me the steps to make it just right?
    I've right adjusting the constrast/brightness level but I guess there must be more advanced steps. Pardon me.
    The full-sized picture is here.

    The lady is wearing a light blue tee-shirt...similar to the baby. But the baby's clothes is less bright than the lady.

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    - saturation
    - hue
    - lightness
    - clour balance
    - curves
    - levels (the histogram)

    as well

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    You might struggle with this one - once a photo is 'blown out' (i.e. all highlight detail gone) there is no information to recover. This is why, for example, Nikon cameras tend to under-expose, thus retain all highlight information. It's a lot easier to bring details out of shadows than salvage an overexposed photograph.

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    Don't think you can save it.

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    Philate's right.

    What's no longer there ( overly exposed till all you see is white ) is lose for good. The only way you can save that shot would be you get someone good are digital retouch work to actually DRAW in the details for you. As this is a more casual home shot...think it will be cheaper to reshoot this. This picture is not just over exposed. It is REALLY very exposed. The same can also be said about VERY under-exposed shots. Photoshop may be a very powerful software but there is only so much you can do to "magically" save pictures that is too far gone like in the case of your picture.

    Don't believe all those spy movies you see on TV too much..alot of that so-called "power" to enhance all those badly shot picture, low resolution shot, blurry shots..etc are only possible in Hollywood Producer's make-believe mind. In reality, there is no way any kind of technology or AI that can repair something that is badly produced or lost on film or in digital.

    I examine your picture on my own PC with Photoshop..from what I see you shot this using longer exposure ( 30 -0.8 sec) Hard to save much as the lady's hand shows sign of blur hand motion in the foreground and also on the baby's face.
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    Time to test some painting work

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    Quote Originally Posted by tunster
    Time to test some painting work
    IMHO, better take another shot than waste time to savage this picture.
    Even you try all the tools from PS or methods from the net, it wouldn't be as good as a correct exposed one.
    Sometime, you have to look at the picture, is it worth or possible to re-shoot it? If not. take a few shots at that time.
    Hope this help.

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    woah! LOMO!!! hahaha..

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    Default Hope that this will do

    Hope that this will do, cannot get much more from the picture

    pm me with your email address if you want the full size image
    pm me if you don't want the pix, so that I can delete it.

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    Did this in Paint Shop Pro. Can't improve much from what Ortega did. I suppose one way to salvage it is to convert it into oil painting etc to hide the overexposure. But not sure how it would turn out.


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