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Thread: Thai driving licence convert to S'pore one...

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    Question Thai driving licence convert to S'pore one...


    Some of you know that I'm a S'porean in Thailand. Just recently got my driving licence here in Thailand. I'm 18 by the way. I heard that the S'pore law had bumped the age limit to 21 for driving. I plan to convert my Thai licence into an S'pore one in a year's time (Its possible). I was just wondering, if I get an International Driving Licence from Thailand with my Thai driving licence and go back to S'pore and drive, is that possible? Because I am underaged in S'pore but have a proper driving licence with an International Driving licence... Its a dilemma here...

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    heya nick, im here too and i got my province license... is your provincial or for the whole of thailand? Non Thai residents cannot get an international license in thailand... you can only get it from home... so our licenses here are worthless back hom in SG. - sorry for the bummer! I tried earlier this year Gotta take the basic/advance theory and the driving test. Shouldn't be difficult if you've already got your license! happy driving

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    As a citizen or even PR or any holder of any passes (EP, work permit etc), you cannot drive with an international driving license and a foreign license here.

    Think you still can convert by taking the theory tests.


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