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Thread: How to make a PS image UNEDITABLE?

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    Been there, done that. Doesn't work. And passwords can be hacked.

    I think that in Asian regions, or is it primarily Singapore, there exists a very low level of professional respect for a craftsman, or a service provided.

    I'm not saying all Asians, or all Singaporeans, but in general, I get this strong feeling that the way people her do business is primarily that with a 'Ai Chee Ai Pee Lon Chong also Ai' and expect to pay peanuts.

    If not, there are tons of others willing to provide them similiar services according to their (client) terms...

    This is not new to me. I have seen it happen to photographers for more than a decad, and I'm sure it's going to continue happening for a long time more...

    Is it a cultural thing dating back to the days of our forefathers?

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    Interesting, any link on hacking PDF security?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oeyvind
    Interesting, any link on hacking PDF security?
    As in hacking it by doing the coding yourself.. need for that. There are ready made software to break the password protection to view and edit the picture file.

    Depending on what version of adobe acrobat " encrytion engine" in acrobat itself or other adobe software like Photoshop, hacking it open is already possible just like breaking into excels or word docs. So using Photoshop to protect the picture file in pdf mode with password protection is a waste of time. Newer versions of security encrytion found in Adobe Acrobat Ver.6 might still be safe for now as it is new. But older versions can already be hacked.

    I am not telling this here to encourage hacking hehe...just stating a fact and no.. I will not say what softwares those are lah...for all the usual reasons lah. It is really not that hard to find them if you really search hard enough online especially.

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    Acrobat uses AES encyption.

    and others exist, but the only way to do it is via brute-force... so like any encryption, if your password is stupid, it's too bad.

    However with a proper password, this brute-force attempt can take a long long time.
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