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Thread: Ring flash on Panasonic LX5

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    Default Ring flash on Panasonic LX5

    I want to get a ring flash for a Panasonic LX5. I have found several third party ones online.

    But I'm afraid that it will not fire off because the ring flashes are either Canon or Nikon mounted.

    I have successfully used old flashes with the LX5 with the help of wireless flash trigger.

    Can I do the same with the ring flash and which mount should I get so I can use it with the LX5?

    Please help... I've been searching online and there is no answer...

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    Default Re: Ring flash on Panasonic LX5

    I've never tried any ring flash before but I believe flashes made for Olympus 4/3 cameras are compatible with the LX series.
    Some other flashes for other mounts could fire but only in Manual mode.
    I bought a Nissin flash head meant for 4/3 cameras for my old LX-3 and it worked well in TTL and Manual modes, both on hotshoe and off it (with a JJC off-shoe cord).
    It even works on my FZ100.
    Maybe you could drop by Artworkfoto at The Adelphi to see if they have something you need.


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