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    Emoblitz™ is the registered trademark of Cosmos Optical And Metal Engineering Pte Ltd located in Singapore. Headquartered in Singapore with establishment since 1989, our company started with the manufacture and export of a wide range of photo related equipments and accessories to global markets. Our 3 core product categories include Photo Electronic Flashes, Optical Accessories for Cameras and Camera bags.

    Emoblitz was conceptualized in 2001 as a dedicated brand used exclusively for photo electronic flashes and flash related accessories. All Emoblitz flash were conceptualized, developed and manufactured in Singapore since 1995. Since our interception in flash development, we had diversified the range and include a wide range of flash models to cater to different lighting conditions.

    Our brand vision is the achievement of perfectly exposed pictures in every lighting situation through development of distinctive models offering various flash control system. With the increased popularity for Digital SLR cameras, the ‘focus’ on light is not longer limited to ‘guide number’ (flash power). Rather, the ability to control the ‘exact amount’ of lighting consistently had become the essence of well exposure pictures. It is our consistent commitment to research, develop and accumulated experience which enables us to improvise and provide better lighting solution.

    In tandem with our philosophy and objective to achieve the perfect exposure for every lighting condition, we will remain focused on the continual improvement in the area of ‘light’ and to provide quality electronic flash with increased functionality.
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