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    Hi there,
    Discovered that I have a few rolls of expired ISO400 film. Supposed to be used by April 2002 but I forgot about them. Would like to check whether it is still safe to use them. How long after a roll of film has expired can I still use it? Thanks!

    Kok Chew

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    Hello Kok Chew,

    It is hard to tell how long you can still use an expired film, as films are very much affected by temperature. If you keep the films in the fridge all the time, I think you should still be able to use them. Otherwise if they are constantly exposed to heat, I would guess they are already bad. If you really have quite a few rolls, you can test one roll first. If it is good then you can probably use the rest too. Using them for non critical shoots and buy new films for the critical ones.

    (Btw, if you want to dispose off the films, do let me know. I know of some art students who won't mind using them).

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for your reply...much appreciated. I did not store the rolls of film in the fridge, just kept them in my room actually. So the storage conditions might not have been that ideal. Will probably try to use the film to shoot some non-essential stuff then. Not that many rolls maybe not worth the trouble passing them to you. You mentioned that you know of some art students...are they enrolled in some photography certificate course in NAFA or something like that?

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    If it's expired negative films, do overexpose by one stop.

    I had some expired (by 2 months) Agfa negative films. I rated them at +1/3 EV and they gave me grainy results due to underexposure. When I developed them, the lab told me to over by a stop if the films are expired.


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