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Thread: newbie pictures...comments pls...?

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    couldnt see the photos too....

    make the best of wat u have and u can still achieve good results....


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    the bandwidth for that acct use up i uploaded another one and hopefully it should be able to be seen already...anyhow, thanks to pablo and witness and everyone else!

    so as pablo said.... should it look something like this?
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    Default Hi icYchill

    Don't know why, but just as I finished my reply all of your photo's came up.
    Maybe my computer was waiting to catch me out
    I like the first one, It has me captured.

    Look forward to more of what you see (to me, good or bad exposure etc, is secondary to the capture).
    Good photography skills develop over time, but a good eye can start from the beginning.
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    icic. thanks! im hoping to take some pictures in penang...and probably play around with the settings and stuff

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