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Thread: How to resize a photo?

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    Default How to resize a photo?

    Hi All,

    I have read the rules to post image, which is less than 400kb, and ideally 1024 x 768 pixels.

    I need help on how to resize my jpeg. I searched through internet and found some sites that does resizing, but doesn't work,...after going thru the steps,....once completed,...I was left with "nothing" to proceed further. Did this on two sites and does not work.

    Need help here,...whats the best way to resize...

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    Default Re: How to resize a photo?

    What software do you have? If you have photoshop it will tell you the final image size in kb. You will need to adjust the quality to meet the 400kb limit.

    Or heck, try or Picasa.

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    Default Re: How to resize a photo?

    Perhaps you could provide more information on where you have hosted your images?

    Some sites like Flickr offer you different options when it comes to the size of your image link, while leaving the original untouched, as well as the option of organising your own collection.

    If you prefer more adhoc based hosting, try sites like Imageshack that also offer resizing on upload. Not too sure on the compromise on image quality though.
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    Default Re: How to resize a photo?

    Install RIOT on GIMP, then resize your jpg with L-Z compression.

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    Default Re: How to resize a photo?

    Do your own resizing, get such simple tools like Irfanview or Faststone and others. They offer single file or batch processing where you define the target size. After this, upload the smaller picture.


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