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    Hi guys, not sure where to put this thread so put it under abstract. I recently did this special project for a client.

    It's a study into CGI and composite photography techniques. Im new at this and still working out the kinks. Shot in the CBD in Singapore.

    Hope you like them! Flying whales in Singapore are beautiful.
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    Interesting. It really feels special. But the whale reflection in the first photo looks a bit weird.

    Personal thoughts: Without shadows and reflections it doesn't feel so "real", I think adding these elements will feel they are more blended into the surroundings.

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    why and what is it trying to say? why whales? what is the context?

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    my take:
    1. Isn't whale suppose to have light-colored bellies? Your whales do not look natural... look more like hot-air balloons.
    2. Shadows and lighting is off especially on the first picture. If the flare marks the light source I don't think anyone can see details on the underbelly of the whale.
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    the white balance is too warm... whales reside in the sea so you should use a cooler white balance instead.

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    Very fake ... but understand this takes a lot of time - appreciate your effort to share with us :-)

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    Thanks for the comments guys! I am aware of the problems of making the subjects really belong. Will try and sort out the problems in more works!


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