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Thread: Interview with Pentax Product Planning Manager

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    Default Interview with Pentax Product Planning Manager

    Didn't want to put the obvious 'FF Pentax DSLR!!1' in the title, so just enjoy this video, courtesy of pentaxforums:

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    Some interesting bits off the video

    Pentax didn't set out to make a mirrorless camera with the K-01, they set out to make a K-mount camera using mirrorless architecture
    Me: Seems like Pentax saw the flaws of a race-to-the-tiniest-size as seen with other manufacturers, so they made a body that functions well even with telephotos lenses

    Its a secret whether the new 560mm lens has SDM/DC. He notes that its quite difficult to drive super telephoto lenses with the normal autofocus motors

    Its a secret whether the DA 50 f1.8 will have quick-shift autofocus. But expect the same as similar reasonably priced lenses
    Me: The DA 35 f2.8 will probably have a similarly spec-ed brother in the DA 50

    Full-frame DSLR would require Pentax being able to bring something new to the market, and having full-frame compatible lenses
    Me: Not sure what to make of the first point, FF DSLRs are usually packed to the brim with features already, not that easy to stand out. But having in-body Shake Reduction on an FF body would truly be unique and different, Pentax-style. The second point makes a lot of sense, they would have to make a standard 28-80mm FF lens since the current DA 18-55 isn't FF compatible. And they would need equivalents of DA* lenses too

    Full frame mirrorless camera is currently not on their development roadmap (but see next point)

    There are always some secret things that aren't on the roadmap!

    You can assume that Pentax is considering a replacement for the 16-50mm f2.8, there is a lens on the roadmap with a shorter focal length
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