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Thread: canon 300D firmware

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    Default canon 300D firmware

    Has anyone ever used the firmware by this russian chap? They claim that now you can modify your 300D to mirror lock up, ISO 3200, flash exp comp just to name a few. In other words mimick most of the funtions of the 10D that is missing on the 300D. The site is

    I ve downloaded it but it refuses to set up in my 300D. ANy advice?

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    next time use the search function. u can find losta useful information as 300D firmware/russian hack has been around for a long time.

    one think to check, have u 'unrar' the firmware? firmware extention is .fir
    best to format the CF first. load the .fir. insert into cam, on. it'll ask you if u want to set up the new firmware. say yes and good luck!

    have fun!


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