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Thread: EVU and PS CS ACR

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    Default EVU and PS CS ACR


    Suppose you make an exposure compensation of +1 in EVU to the RAW save it. When you open the RAW file in PS CS, will it pick up the Exp Comp of +1
    that I saved in EVU ?

    Reason I am asking is because if I have 50 raw files to process, I want to make all the exposure, WB adjustment to the RAW in EVU and saved them.
    After which, I will run a batch in PS to sharpen and resize. I do not want PS
    to prompt me 50 times for RAW adjustment.

    Thanks or your help.

    Can any expert share their experience on batch RAW processing workflow ? Thanks

    Wee Meng

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    you can do all this is ps cs. from file browser right click on the raw pics and do a camera raw adjustment and set the exposure. once you are done, you can start the batch processing but remember to override the file open dialog so you wont get prompted to adjust the raw settings when the pic is opened.


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