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Thread: Photographing animals (e.g.:like birds)

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    Default Photographing animals (e.g.:like birds)

    hi guys... recently i found out that alot of birds are coming to singapore for the winter i think. And i'd really like to go shoot them one morning. I need some guidance from you ppl experts coz i tried once and i couldn't even get close to the .... err crane-like (white) bird. I think even with my tele converter only can get a little closer.
    Any tips on how to get good portrait shots on them?

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    haha....DLSR with 300mm 2.8 lens with 2x teleconvertor will get u close enuff....

    looks like a CANNON....costs like a bomb brudder...

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    if you have alot of money.. can go for 'digi-scoping'

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    Hmm... think birdpark would be a better option. How do you get there? keke.

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    I've tried using my 75-300mm IS USM with 2X TC in SBWR and still only get the birds very, very small (<1cm in 4R photo) . Don't talk about the quality of my lens (too soft & low contrast), but 300 x 2 x 1.6 (CF) = 960mm and still not long enough for bird stalking . I'm wondering how the rest of the guru manage to take the birds so closely ? Can any of the gurus here pls give some guidance? Thks.


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