I have been reading some old threads regarding Model Release Forms but I cannot actually find one to download that is specifically for use in a Singapore Court of Law.

With so many photographers in the Clubsnap community, would it be possible for someone well-versed in Singaporean law to post links to sample Model Release Forms that would end some of the specualtion and mystery surrounding this aspect of portrait photography. This is not something that people need to keep to themselves, it is something that all photographers should be aware of and be using more.

As I see it, a standard MRF is an agreement between the photographer and the model and gives consent to the photographer to use the pictures from the photoshoot in any commercial way he (or she) sees fit, so long as it is not degrading the model in any way.

Other MRF may exist to prevent the photographer from using the pictures in a commercial context (I have been given these to sign after model shoots).

With so many model shoots going on, is it not time to standardise some procedures here? Maybe too many of us are relying on US agreements that might (or might not) stand up in a Singaporean court.

If anyone is willing to submit some sample MRF for use specifically in Singapore then I for one will be most grateful.