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Thread: tripod required ?

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    Default tripod required ?

    last nite tested my A70 with tele-convertor lens, find that most of the photos taken are not so sharp as compared to without using the tele-lens.

    questions, do i need a stable tripod when mounting d tele-lens, since the cam now is heavier ?

    tried many shots of the merlion at nite, none of them seems good.
    will post some samples at nite.

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    Long exposure shot always need tripod. Unless you want to capture movement.

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    yup....low light and long exp best is use with tripod...minimise handshake....with or w/o the tele also the same...

    in normal light conditions (DAY) u may notice that the shots are alittle soft with the TC on...this i tink is normal...



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