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Thread: How do you carry your Tripod around?

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    I bought a manfrotto tripod bag and it's collecting dust at home. Turns out I prefer to carry by hand or attach one of the legs to my camera bag.
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    Tripod strap.
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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    Left shoulder carry your 5 million, right shoulder carry your tripod!

    I clip my tripod on my Lowepro bag.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    i carry my tripod on my UD50 like this

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    I've got the Think Tank Bazooka for my tripod:

    It's impressive looking, protects the tripod very well and attracts a lot of amused looks. But it's also real clunky. I use it primarily when transporting the tripod around, e.g. in my car boot.

    Onsite and when I'm walking around, I cart my tripod around using this:

    OP/TECH USA Tripod Strap

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    Quote Originally Posted by brkit View Post
    is there really a proper way? o.O

    whatever suits you and is most comfortable is probably the best. otherwise you can also use your imagination.

    I usually pay people to carry it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kei1309 View Post
    i carry it this way too...but i don't have the luxury of paying someone to slave like that for me... nor do i want to do it that way.. God gave me two hands, and two feet.. and a strong back along with everything else to carry my tripod and other gears.
    You should not think of it that way. He hire a person to carry it for him only. He gave him money for his work. Just like maids are paid for their help in household chores, photographers are paid for their skills and construction workers paid for their manual labor.

    Carrying a tripod is easy feat for a man.

    There are even mountaineers who say they 'conquered' high mountains when they hire the locals to carry all the heavy stuff, IMO the locals there probably counquered the mountains ten times over easilly.

    There are also professional photographers who hire assistants... just because he's a black man doesnt mean he's slave.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    1 leg hook onto the sling bag strap and kiap. that was how I dealt with my old ppcp. downside is when u. hit here and there, tripod gets battered....

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    Hmm.. mine

    It is a spare strap from a pouch i cannibalized (which also turned into a "thinktank" semi modular pouch) tied to the top using a cloth like string and bottom using the default carabiner.
    Only thing is im not sure about the whether the string being placed between the centre tripod column and the tripod head affects the vibration dampening of the tripod in anyway way. Though given the material, hopefully it doesn't, or enhances the dampening haha. No issues with any long exposure shots used with MLU/remote though.

    Other times strapped to my thinktank pro. Ergonomically i suspect this makes my bag heavier cus of the deep depth of the bag + the tripod (think pivot forces), plus I have a pretty small frame. I get a bad back after shoots

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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    I use the default sirui bag that came with my tripod..
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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    For convenience sake: hand-carry all the way. If girlfriend is around ask her to carry.

    Else strap to camera bag when on overseas trips
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    Default Re: How do you carry your Tripod around?

    mostly with Optech strap and sling or over the shoulder....
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