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Thread: Olympus E-PL3 grip

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    Default Olympus E-PL3 grip

    Hi All,

    I just got hold of an Olympus E-PL3, but I feel there is no grip, is there a grip for this camera? If yes, how can I get it?

    Thanks in advance.


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    This is an EPL3. L stands for LITE. EPM1 is MINI. These 2 cameras are meant to be compact. You want grip, get a DSLR or EP3 or one GX1. EP3 can have option to change to bigger grip and may even have 3rd party grips. Maybe you should return the EPL3 or sell it and get the EP3 instead. Or u can get the EPL1 which has got a nice grip. I have the EPL3 and I think its just nice as it is in terms of size, and aesthetics.
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    Try the Flip Bac g2 grip. I am using it now. Fantastic. After applying it, the camera feels like a smaller EP-3, lol.
    Picture found here.
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    I bought the FlipBac for my EPL3 (I have since sold the body) and it does help to improve the handling. Another swankier alternative, if you don't mind shelling out more $$$, is the grip by Richard Franiec.

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