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Thread: Newbie's Close Up - Needs comments.

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    if you want a creative option...use manual focus....set it to 1cm or less (up to you) then shoot, with tripod if you want.

    if you want to handhold your macro shots indoors...set ISO to 400...F number to 2.8 (aperture priority at the widest angle) then shoot...or you can manual focus and shoot...but be prepare for noise noise noise...unless if you have noise

    ha ha try until you go siao!

    Megaweb has an article abt attaching an external flash...check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pai
    try using Av mode and setting it at the narrowest aperture (largest f number) - for a95 is it f8? if after you do that, some parts of the tank are still out of focus, then move back a little, this will let you get more of it in focus. then you can crop the picture tighter, 5mp is big enough to crop lah, u not making poster right?
    How to make poster when I can't even get the muzzle sharp Anyway, pointers taken and will take a couple more for the gurus here to comment. Me really learn many things here

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