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Thread: PERFECTION has a name - LEICA S2 Review

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    Our last view of the upper level, where resplendence takes center-stage and clients can relax in total luxury, while waited upon by the Customer Service Specialists. Actually, I would rather call them ‘Concierge’, as their level of expertise amounts to which.

    A close-up crop. Note the detail … even from Medium-Small JPEGS downsized several times, as with all the photos in this review:

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    Change of plans so I have time to finish up this section of the review.

    It was already more than several hours that we were there shooting interiors, and as the evening progresses, more clients were coming in, so we hastened shooting as much as we could.

    Unfortunately, the layout was most challenging, with intricate corners and sudden stops in the most unexpected nook and crannies.

    Even in the most spacious interiors, corners, juxtapositions and hidden views are always a problem, and it’s not like we can ask for an entire wall to be torn down or a pillar shifted for the photographer.

    Hence, Interior Photographers work with some of the most complex and difficult situations. Given the 35mm lens I had, this was my take of the Mens’ Department on the lower level, which houses the usual haut luxury watches, some of which are not available anywhere else in Singapore, and the finest men’s department with very exclusive bespoke services.

    Again, and as with the above shot, given the lack of time, I did what I could. If I did have time, I would have done panoramic shots with a few monoblocs.

    In the shot above, and more so, in the following shot, the extreme lighting and dynamic range was totally OFF the charts!

    It’s like looking at a base EV (‘x’ EV) and then a +20-30EV (‘x’ + 20-30EV) difference with the extremely shadows almost (to a photographer) blindingly bright display spot-lights.

    I did, however, bring along a couple of hot-shoe flash units and while they were really ‘too little light’ even at full blast, given the constraints of time and equipment, the S2 really shone through! With some supplementary lights and tone-mapping (from JPEGS!), below is the result.

    I had very limited time to set-up, test and shoot this.

    I’m not sure if you can see it, but in the deepest ceiling shadow, upper top center, exquisite details are displayed. Even in a multiple-sheet billboard, the deepest, darkest shadow details will still be there!

    Again, the S2 sensor’s dynamic range shows up in typical medium format digital with this shot. Notice that besides the background light in the next room, which was really … ‘dazzling’, the deep dark woods hold rich detail, with spectacular spectral highlights off the antique mirror (look for and through the blotches on the mirror’s surface) without blowing off the white marble flooring.

    A close-up crop

    This concludes this segment of the review, and next week, we'll take you on another very exclusive journey!
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    My apologies for the long delay. Have been very busy with work.

    The concluding segment of the more formal tests of the Leica S2 saw a dear friend, an internationally regarded watch photographer, author and researcher, P Chong shoot more than SGD2.5million worth of watches for this review.

    Peter has a very high-resolution watch blogpage: Watchscapes: High Resolution Photography by Peter Chong and has researched, written and photographed 'The Pour le Merite Collection' which has been featured as an important piece of work in many horologists' articles around the world.

    Without further ado, the photos.

    Please note that almost ALL the photos are cropped. This shoot had to be done rather quickly, with little or no DI work. All photos are focus-stacked. The lens we used was the exceptional LEICA APO MACRO SUMMARIT-S 120 mm f/2.5 (prototype).

    Breguet Perpetual Calendar rose gold, S$100,900

    Daniel Roth Grande Sonnerie S$1,465,500

    100% Crop

    De Bethune DB25T S$368,700

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    Default Re: PERFECTION has a name - LEICA S2 Review

    De Bethune DB25T Movement

    100% Crop

    Ulysse Nardin Freak Diamond Heart S$290,900

    100% Crop

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    urwerk ur-110,jpg Urwerk UR110 S$199,000

    These are observations that Peter made.

    Please note that the review S2 we had incorporated a prototype firmware, which may have resulted in the hang-up while shooting consecutive and rapid RAWs which also took a very long time to write.

    Leica S2 notes

     very 135 dslr like. The form factor is very similar to my Canon 1dmkiii (which I now sold). Feels similar in weight as well, and from memory lighter than Nikon D3.
     Very walkable camera. With the 35mm attached, can be a nice walkabout camera. Beats the Hasselblad as a walkabout camera.
     Mirror is nicely damped, so the slap of a large medium format mirror is less noticable. Much less vibrations than Hasselblad H3D. The H3D has a user set delay in milliseconds which alleviates this. Different solutions, both equally effective.
     We could not set the mirror up with one button. To do mirror up, its like Canon, where the switch is burried within several layers of menu. On the H3D, this is a single physical button strategically placed within easy reach.
     eyepiece is very large, and bright. Much brighter than 135 dslrs. Comparable to H3D.
     Eyepiece diopter setting is a minor masterpiece. Beautifully machined, and marked.

     lenses tried 35mm, 70mm, 120mm macro
     awesome sharpness. Beautiful, almost theoretically looking MTF curves.
     Good contrast
     crisp and nice colours
     autofocus can hunt a bit
     on the 120 autofocus is slow, perhaps as a “macro” lens, the lens provides for long travel
     lens lineup too small. Not enough lenses to cover needs. No ultra wide. No longer telephoto. 35Mm is widest and 180mm is longest lens.
     Though 120mm is designated macro, this is not a real macro lens, as it focusses down to 1/2 magnification only.
     No extension tubes to improve magnification
     no teleconverters
     no tilt shift adapters
     no zooms for convenience. Perhaps understandable because of ultimate image quality, but with software support, zooms which perform as well as primes are already available. E.g. Hasselblad's 35-90.

    Image quality
     very good
     AWB spot on
     little experience at pushing and pulling the files, but the files look robust enough
     detail captured is very good, capable of showing micro contrasts and micro tonal changes in the subject very well. Need to see prints to appreciate. Pixel peeping on a computer screen's less than ideal gamut is senseless at this level.
     Colours very natural and beautiful.

    Battery life seems very good. Almost like Canon's 1dmk3 on. But a quirk is very long writing times for raw files. And at the test, the camera froze several times when shooting in quick succession. This necessitated a removal of the battery and reinstall, but can be annoying and embarrasing when client is watching.

    3:2 format not ideal for print industry. Papers used in inkjet printing as well as regular magazines are closer 4:3 format. This will result in cropping, and a loss of megapixels.
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    Default Re: PERFECTION has a name - LEICA S2 Review

    Thanks for this fabulous review DM
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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