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Thread: WareHouse Sale.....

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    Default WareHouse Sale.....

    dear forumers,

    Warehouse sale coming up this weekend. (4-5 Dec)

    timing : 9am - 7pm
    location : 22 kaki bukit crescent, kaki bukit techpark
    company : advanced microcomputers pte ltd

    items to clear includes : hardwares... pda... monitors.. broadband related equipments.... wireless networking pdts from trendnet.. voip phones... dect phones and tonnes more.

    $50 off hosting voucher from InfoSpace Pte Ltd for certain purchase

    Just wanted to share with u guys in case.

    got cheap epson 875D photo printer with CF card slot.. oni $68 nia.
    Pentium3 motherboards for $10

    and some other cheap cha pa lang stuffs....

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    Wow great!

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    just for luffter..

    saw a Shiro 7.1megapixel camera ....

    only $199.

    lol lol lol... must be interpolated until dunno how sia.

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    fello CSer came and bought some stuff.

    so funny... he came.. ask.. how come never see teh advertisement on newspapers?
    staff replied. :" got ar.. today's one wad".
    CSer replied :"is it? didn't see"
    staff replied :" then how you know"
    Cser replied :" Clubsnap".

    lolx... to who u are, ... i'm the one who told u i posted this thread.
    hope u got urself some cheap lobangs.


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