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Thread: Quick Mini Review: Astronomik OWB Clip-Filter

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    Default Quick Mini Review: Astronomik OWB Clip-Filter

    This is a quick mini review that I write for an astrophotography forum, but I think there are many IR photographer that might be interested in this also.

    Anyway, this is a quick mini review for those who had mod your Canon EOS APS-C DSLR for Astrophotography or IR photography and feel that the modded Canon EOS APS-C DSLR is quite wasteful since you can't use it for normal photography easily.

    I feel the same when I saw my modded Canon 450D in the dry cabinet most of the time and I want to have a backup DSLR if I go Malaysia for photography trip, so I try the custom white balance method on my modded Canon 450D. It's work, but very troublesome as I need to shoot the custome white balance shot once the lighting change. Then I remember that there is a Clip-Filter for Canon EOS APS-C DSLR that'll bring the white balance back to normal, so I decided to try out the Astronomik OWB (Original White Balance) Clip-Filter.

    This Clip-Filter is for modded DSLR which have been converted for Astrophotography or IR use by removing the inbuilt IR-filter or by substituting it with a filter with greater range, so have a white balance that made them not suitable for normal photography. The spectral sensitivity of the DSLR will be changed by the OWB Clip-Filter back to the former range.

    Astronomik OWB EOS Clip-Filter

    The OWB EOS Clip-Filter is very easy to install... just put the Clip-Filter above the depression in front of the mirror and press firmly.

    Astronomik OWB EOS Clip-Filter install in Canon EOS 450D

    Below are some of the test shots:
    Canon EOS 450D Modded DSLR: Auto White Balance

    Canon EOS 450D Modded DSLR: Custom White Balance

    Canon EOS 450D Modded DSLR with Astronomik OWB Clip-Filter: Auto White Balance

    1) Easily switch between normal and modded DSLR.
    2) The Clip-Filter will sealed up the internal of the DSLR, so no dust will get to your mirror or sensor when changing lenses.

    1) Viewfinder become dimmer and a bit greenish.
    2) Cannot use EF-S lenses as EF-S lenses extend further into the camera.
    3) Can only use on Canon EOS APC-S DSLR (Canon 300D and above).

    Happy shooting and have a nice day.

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated / associated with any brand names or vendors mentioned here in this quick mini review.

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    Default Re: Quick Mini Review: Astronomik OWB Clip-Filter

    thanks for sharing !

    please share more images of these effects !
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close


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