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Thread: EU airline carbon tax

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    Default EU airline carbon tax

    USA does not support

    China does not support

    Is is a blatant excuse to extort money?

    Airline tickets to and fro EU will be more expensive.

    Neither the USA nor China support the tax.

    It will make travel to and fro EU more expensive.

    It will make other countries' airlines lose money because they have to pay the tax to the EU.

    Is the EU's environment "purer" than other people's environment.

    So if other countries adopt a similar tax over their air space, does it not become a zero sum game?

    EU charge them the tax. They charge EU airlines the same tax when the latter fly to their countries.

    So assuming that EU is scientifically correct in their reasons for the tax, then other recently developed (i.e. they only recently flew airplanes into EU airspce) countries should in fact retrospectively charge EU countries for all the carbon emissions that the EU countries' commercial air travel airlines have emitted over their air space for the past 60 years. EU must pay to this back-tax to those other countries first.

    EU must be confident that their tourism related industries will not suffer from less visitors.
    Travellers and tourists from rest of the world must put this to the test and send a message to EU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricohflex
    Is is a blatant excuse to extort money?
    Bo bian lah. EU money no enough.


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