Few hundred years ago, Country B using military force and violence, took over an island belonging to Country A.

Maybe killed or forcibly drove off the people of Country A from that island.

Re-populated that island with their own people from Country B.

Then many generations later after the re-population, Country B claims that the people on that island want to remain as citizens of Country B. On this basis Country B says that the island now belongs to Country B.

The logic is wrong.

In 1982 it was about the empty intangible pride of a failing dictatorship hated by its own people (Country A). Predictably the defence of their own piece of land from Country B failed.

In 2012 the dictators are gone from Country A which is now a democracy. This time, the issue is not intangible. This time, it is about real money - a mountain of money represented by so much newly discovered oil. Country B should not under-estimate the anger of Country A over the loss of so much wealth. From what is rightfully, Country A's own natural resources, 8,000 miles away from Country B.

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