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You obviously haven't seen some of my stuff have you?

I did read. But at a glance. I don't have much time.

Good textbook example of sarcasm. Playing the "you win" game yet trying to make your point. Very well done. You are [1] so sad, and [2] haven't a clue.

No, I was not sad. I even smiled when I read this. Really. I'm just tired and not that free. I have a life. I even work overtime on Saturday, and I have a 3 years old and a 5 months old to attend when I get home. If it's not the great interest in electronic gadgets, I wouldn't have logged on the Internet.

And just for the record, I've already answered the Fuji issue

Let the Fuji camera's owners decide. And no, I still don't own one. I downloaded samples and test printed. I'm not sure whether I should upgrade.

and 2880dpi printers don't print at 300dpi, they print at 240/360dpi visual resolution, go read my answer properly.

This was what you said, '...commercial inkjet prints only print at 300dpi of detail resolution anyway, or just maybe up to 360 (I have heard conflicting reports for some printers between 240/360)...' This shows that I did read.

And then go read my signature.

I did. This was what I thought of replying after posting yesterday - 'Your signature is very enlightening (and as arrogant). Keep it your permanent one'. But I was lazy after disconnected.
And I've got to go out after this.