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Thread: City Where Never Sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino123 View Post
    Er... no. U really don't need to increase your f-number to too high. At your distance from your subject, even at f4, it will still be perfectly alright, because most probably you will be focusing at infinity. Don't ever set your aperture too small unless absolutely necessary or light diffraction will come in and your photo will be soft.

    Yes, you can set your ISO lower if possible.

    Next, you can use aperture mode in future to get a better result. And free tripod is actually good enough for lots of things.
    Thanks.. I read a few to understand how it works. It's going through kind of trial-error process. I'll go back there again one day to try. Seems to understand now. There is no fixed solution due to time/place/distance/light. Take a few tests shot before I start getting THE ONE. Thanks for your suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haring View Post
    don't crop it. I like the black on the top. It frames the photo.

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