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Thread: Mp3player(HDD) in cold conditions

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    Default Mp3player(HDD) in cold conditions

    I work in an aircon place and the aircon is very cold. I normally put my mp3player(which is a portable HDD) in my bag on a shelf. Will it affect the battery in the long run? Will the HDD be damaged in the long run?

    And...anyone went running with a HDD mp3player before? Cos as you know how HDD works right, the needle pin reading on the HDD itself. If you run while listening to the player, will it be damaged easily?

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    Cold conditions? How cold? I used my iPod during Winter during my last vacation, we're looking like single-digits temperature. No sweat. My iPod's happy, alive and playing away. Used it in an airplane, no sweat with it too.

    Running? No prob. I assume that ur HDD MP3 player got a buffer memory which all ur desired songs would be written to before playing so the HDD will automatically spin down to protect itself (and the battery life. Ur battery life would be awfully short if ur HDD's continually spinning).

    I've got no sweat bringing my iPod to running, cycling, trekking, long walks, airplanes, etc.


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