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Thread: Nature's Best Photography Magazine - Collector's Edition

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    Default Nature's Best Photography Magazine - Collector's Edition

    I picked-up a copy of the above magazine (cost $22) from Borders recently. It contained 2004 prize winning images for the following category - wildlife, plant life, people in nature, oceans, camera club (?), endangered species, youth, backyard habitat, creative digital, animal antics, art in nature, environmental issues, landscapes, zoos & aquariums.

    Each time I browsed through the pages, they bring a smile to my face. The images are inspiring, intimate and beautiful. Comments from the photographers are included as well.

    Highly recommended. This edition certainly worth its price! Get it while stock last!

    I have also seen "mama" shops at Sim Lim Square selling the previous edition. If Borders ran out of stock, you may want to check these shops out as well.

    Happy reading!


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    Great, thanks Sai Khoon.


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