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    Would like you share with you my first experience in taking photographs in a studio last night.
    I went to a beginners introduction to the fundmentals of photography, where we were taught for an hour, then given the opportunity to take photographs of a model. Got to see many things, there's this thing called a "hair-light", and lights coming from everywhere! For a newbie like me, this is amazing!
    They set up all the lights for us, and let us take photographs, so the hardest thing for us to do was to tell the model how to pose!!!!
    I looked at the shot-sheets, of what other people have shot before, but can not visualise what will be good for the model to do, and I don't know what to say, how to pose, all these things! maybe because it's my first time, or starting to think of it now, as I'm writing this, probably because I had nothing to communicate to the model in the first place!

    Unfortunately can not post the pictures on the internet because didn't ask for permission, and if post without asking, it's $50000! another amazing thing but I understand...

    but learnt a lot!

    Usually, how do you decide how to pose the model?

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    Key in 'How to pose a model' or 'different posses for models' or 'how to dirct a model' or 'how should models pose in front of a camra' on the internet search engines. You'll be amazed at the amout of stuff you can find.

    As for me, I usually ask a first timer (models and photographers) to have a good look at lots of music videos. One video alone can teach you several poses, moods, expressions etc.

    Decide on a theme, or series of moods and expressions you want to try to get from the model.

    Assuming that wardrobe and make-up is suitable, it thn helps if you have a set pattern to warm up the model (and yourself) first.

    Music also helps. Just be sure to choose suitable tracks to suit the mood of the shoot. No use playing classical piano music for a fun and funky shoot!

    At faster-paced shoots, I usd to ask models to dance a little, while slowing down or even pausing at appropriate moments. An exprienced model will know what to do once you have communicated to her what you need.

    Verbal encouragement and directions (but NOT demeaning or sexist comments...unless your model is a narccicistist and a bitch [meant in a nice way]) along the way goes a looong way to help.

    Take it one step at a time. And have fun!


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    ahhh! thanks I'll search those up!

    I was a first timer last night
    the teacher said that he purposely hired a amateur model who doesn't know all the poses so that the photographer can learn to control :P

    It's very different from the normal sort of phototaking I do (mostly candid sort of things..), very interesting, but challenging! which is good... challenges are good!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamadam
    the teacher said that he purposely hired a amateur model who doesn't know all the poses so that the photographer can learn to control :P
    A bunch if inexperienced studio photographers (you said your first time right?)


    an amatur model

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster, as well as a great way to save on the modelling fees!

    Sorry, no offense meant, but the combination of the two...


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