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Thread: uv filter or not?

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    Default Re: uv filter or not?

    imo also depends on your lens cost. anything over 800 i suggest you do get a B+W minimum.. else, get hoya minimum. i have never bought anything other than B+W though as their filters are damned solid.

    if your lens is less than 500 , like a kit lens, i dont suggest putting on B+W, as the filter cost will be significant.

    dont think theres any IQ degradation if your talking about B+W.
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    Default Re: uv filter or not?

    UV filter is the first thing I get with the lens. Heck, I'd buy them together.

    I personally can't tell the difference in the quality of pics using B+W, Hoya, Kenko or Marumi UV filters. I've had all 4. YMMV if you pixel peep of course, I never bothered though.

    For me it's the protection more than anything else as I don't shoot with a hood. Filters can be easily replaced cheaply compared to the lens. I also don't need kid gloves when I wipe the filter, but I have to with the actual glass since that's the only one I will have.
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    Default Re: uv filter or not?

    Below for entertainment and hope answered partially.

    UV Filter vs No UV Filter - DigitalRev TV Test - YouTube

    I personally used Tokina, Kenko, Hoya and finally settled on B+W for all my lenses.

    I have bad experience with Kenko cos of its poor coating on the glass.

    My own preference, i use B+W for pro lenses, I started with a kit lens 18-55 when i begin photography so i used Tokina, I dun use filter for for lenses such as 50mm f1.8.
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    Used to put but never now. The purpose of the UV filter is to protect your lens. I don't see any reason if you are very careful while handling your lens.

    Rather buy ND, GND, IR & etc filter, no point wasting money on UV filter which does not serve any purpose beside protection...................

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