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Thread: mounting reverse lens on a lens (macro Q)

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    Default mounting reverse lens on a lens (macro Q)


    I want to get a little bit into macro photography without spending too much money.

    I've bought a closeup filter before when I was using another camera, but I wansn't happy with the results. I believe it was because I got one of those single coated filters. My fault. I went to a shop and just bought without reading much.

    Anyway, I read a little bit about reverse mounting a lens on an existing lens.

    From what I understand, this is different from reverse mounting a lens on the body itself because you retain the ability to meter.

    In this use, the reverse mounted lens acts like a closeup filter.

    I just bought a D70 kit and was just wondering if I could do this on the kit lens?

    With such a setup, what kind of working distance would one get?

    And on a zoom lens, using this reverse mounted lens, should I fully zoom in the lens?

    Thanks for your help

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    normally i do reverse on primes....and i meter normally and then reverse it...basically i juz hold it in place with my hands...

    this was taken in reverse with 50mm metered at the good thing about using nikon for reverse...can still set the aperture...shutter set on the cam.... juz hold the lens and body as close together as possible......

    photo gets soft towards the edges and is only sharp at the centre....manual focus and only one focusing distance works properly...

    hope this helps

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    With the 50mm reversed directly on the body, how close do you have to go?

    I don't think I can hold the reverse lens and hold the camera. My hands are not that steady. And I already find the dials and buttons quite hard to reach on the D70.

    Also, by doing that, don't you expose the insides of your camera to dust (or pollen if you're taking flowers) when the wind blows?


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    You can't do that on the kit len, the kit len doesn't have an aperture ring, so it'd be pretty hard to guess what aperture you're opening up to if you decide to manually use fingers to open up the blades.

    You can use BR-2A to mount reverse a 35/2 or 50 f/1.4 or f/1.8. This way you don't have to hand held. Also the mount would be 'sealed' from dust etc this way by using the BR-2A.

    Also the 50mm and 35 come with aperture ring so you can set the aperture ring to what values you want and it'll stay open that big. G lenses like the 18-70 do not have aperture rings.

    The BR-2A also will make it easier for you to hold and focus.

    Attached is an image taken with 50 f/1.8 reversed, think aperture is about f/8. Working distance I think I was very near, maybe 5-7cm? A BR-3 will protect the rear element of the len as it allows attached filters.

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    Not if you don't take the lens off and hang around chit chatting exposing the mirror box.

    If holding it in your hands is a problem, have a look here:


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    Ey, how come everyone buys the same wedding ring?

    Okay, so I guess using the 50mm on the lens itself is not an option. So it can't be, as I read somewhere, "just a powerful diopter".

    The reversing ring is $28.
    How much is the BR3 approx?

    So in this case, I can just get a normal old 50mm correct? Second hand and all is okay right? Can I get a 2nd hand one for <$100?

    Just out of curiosity. Does the crop factor apply to the lens reversed? Does this mean it's something like a 75mm reversed?


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    magnetic ring really popular le nhahah..

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    Yep. A old 50mm even the AI-S versions would do just fine, because it's reversed there's no electronics involved, so there's no metering no focusing, so AF or AI versions would do just fine.

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    hehe....cheat la....meter first with the AF-d then reverse it haha...


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